Hello Lovely Blippers,

We all got together last night - and fortunately, Paddington “Picasso”, our lovely cousin, was still with us, to have a chat with Mr. and Mrs. HCB.

We chatted about what we would do today, for Silly Saturday, but decided that as it is a year next Monday, 21st June, that dear Admirer suddenly passed away, we would like to do a Special Saturday Blip in her memory.  

We know, because we have seen Mrs. HCB’s very first Blip, way back on 1st January 2013, and Admirer was the very first person to comment on her Blip, so of course, Mrs. HCB then started to follow Admirer.  She was very new to Blip but whenever Admirer commented, she always had something encouraging to say, which was just like her.

Mrs. HCB used to love doing something really silly for Silly Saturday and after Admirer died, what better way to remember her.  Usually there is a Blip especially for Admirer on the first Saturday of the month, but Mrs. HCB has tried to rope us in persuade us to do one every Saturday, and although we sometimes grumble, we all love doing them really!

We know that Admirer was a very special lady, much loved by everyone who knew her in the Blip community and of course, her beloved Piet Hein and her lovely daughter, Mischa and her soon to be son-in-law.  She was always so proud of all of them, and often spoke of them and of her family from years gone by.  We know that Admirer was a lady who liked to encourage those who weren’t very confident, and even if Mrs. HCB posted something that wasn’t that good, Admirer would always find something to say that would lift her spirits and make her want to try harder next time.

So today, in honour of Admirer, we are all holding a rose called “Compassion”, and they all come from Mr. and Mrs. HCB’s garden, all of us that is except Hoggy.  He wanted to be different, so he is holding one called Queen of Sweden - we had to explain that this was Special Saturday and not Silly Saturday, but he has slept for so long that his brain doesn’t seem to be working that well!  If you are clever, you will have counted and know that there is one rose missing, but Penny and Paddington are sharing one, because it’s the biggest.  

We even found a candle that says on the holder "Mothers are special and so kind, touching lives with tenderness, warmth and love combined" - just right  for today!

We think we have scrubbed up quite well and hope that you will spare a thought today for Admirer and all she meant to this lovely community and also for Piet Hein, and Mischa and her partner, especially on Monday, as they remember that day, a year ago, when their world was turned upside down, when Admirer died suddenly.

We send our love to Admirer’s family and to all of you.  We found this lovely quote by that famous person, “Anon” and you know that Mrs. HCB likes to finish her Blips with one:

Those we love don’t go away
     They walk beside us every day
          Unseen, unheard, but always near
               Still love, still missed
                    and very dear.

JH Ted, Tiny, Snowy, Penny Penguin and Hoggy 
and of course, Paddington Picasso xxxxxx

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