Life through the lens...

By ValC

Route 66.

This morning Mr C and I met up with fellow Blippers Corinthian column, R and Yorkshirbred for a walk along the Spen Valley Greenway, which is also cycle Route 66.
A mini Bus Pass Walk, and the first time I have been in a bus since Covid started.
They were almost empty.

Nice to have a chat and catchup.
We haven’t done the walk at this time of year before and we’re amazed at the wide variety of beautiful wild flowers.
So decided to make a collage of some of them, along with two other people you may recognise. Always like to capture a Blipper Blipping.

Back home for a late lunch, and then spent most of the afternoon reading the Yorkshire Post, Weekend Post, and Country Week.
Made a note of a village community pub to visit, and also a garden when we go to the caravan again.
I did sit in our garden for a while as the sun made an appearance, but came in as it was quite chilly when the clouds came over.

More football on at the moment. Time for me to pour a glass and start getting our evening meal.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

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