By Viewpoint

Art Exchange

Around about my birthday (15 May) I had lunch with GG and we had an art exchange.  She chose a couple of screen prints I’d done based on graffiti on a Venice wall and I chose two digital art abstracts that she had recently created.  I collected them  from the framer in Penistone yesterday morning so replacing the existing art work with two new prints gave me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.  This grey one is my favourite.  There is lots to keep looking at within the image and I don’t think I’ll tire of it in the way I have done of the one it replaced.

I joined the North Contemporary Group meeting in the afternoon for an hour and a half.  When we met in York this was my favourite photo group for sharing ideas and seeing what other people were doing.  Since it has gone on Zoom we have become European. Not in itself a bad thing and there are lovely people from around the Uk and the Netherlands but we are losing the benefits of the small group sharing and people from the original group are drifting away.

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