By JohnW

My Get-up and Go . . .

Has got up and gone . . .
After a very bad night’s sleep I finally got up at about nine o’clock with the (remainder of) the day planned out.  Got a load into the washing machine, then noticed dripping water outside the utility room door.  As I suspected one of the header tanks was overflowing, which fortunately proved to be the hot water, and not the central heating.
I say fortunately as it’s easier to get at, but I didn’t allow for the amount of scale that had built up around it.  Changing out the ball valve jet and washers etc is little problem.  Getting the scale off to do the job cost me a bottle of cheap vinegar and a lot of time.
Job finally done, made soup for lunch; washing out on line; had lunch and a snooze; washing in again and into the tumble drier; and not feeling that my snooze did me any good.    
That’s where my ‘go’ went.  Almost an EB.
Many thanks to Random_Angel for hosting MonoMonday  MM387 ‘Go’ this week.

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