A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

At last

We made it to the two crofts which turned out to be three!

A walk straight from the house along the cliff tops skirting the Coigach side of Enard Bay.

We have attempted this walk before but have given up as it always seemed too far. We knew they were there as sometimes there are cars parked above the house when one or two men arrive to stay at them. We have also seen them from across the bay but when walking to them there seems to be just one more bay to skirt or hill to climb so it was great to find them at last.
They are not accessible from anywhere except on foot and have no services just as they would have been when they were working crofts. 

I was amazed to see how well kept they looked. There was evidence of Lazy beds to the left and right in the foreground of this blip. I was also surprised that there was access down to the bay which may be why this spot was chosen. I chose this shot as I love the sky and the crofts just sitting on the horizon.

I have to say that there was evidence of a quad bike but as there were sheep around I think that may be a local farmer rounding up his sheep.

Lovely views all the way, the headland that can be just seen above the cliffs in the top left of the collage, extra, is where we were yesterday.

On the way back we had lovely mountain views. The extra shows the Coigach mountains beyond the beach - Cul Mor, Stac Pollaidh, Cul Beag just behind it, Ben an Eoin and Ben Mor Coigach.
Just out of sight to the left are the Assynt mountains dominated by Suilven and Quinag and to the right the Torridon range which I don’t know very well but believe An Tealach is the pointy one!

Back to the house for coffee and lunch and then later in the afternoon we headed down to Ullapool for dinner. After a few shop visits (favourite one open from Wednesday!) we decided on the Seafood Shack over fish and chips and got a table under the canopy but although the cloud had started to build the forecast rain hadn’t arrived. A bonus was a pop up gin booth - well we just had to try it!

Happy birthday to son in law John today! They will be heading north tomorrow.

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