A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Or silly selfie! 
Actually Chris took it and it was his choice, personally I prefer the one in the extra - this one’s rather scary!
We had a walk around St Ives woods this morning but it has to be said that one of our aims was to avail ourselves of take away coffee at Ivy’s Kitchen, which has been open a week or two now.  Very nice it was too. You can’t sit outside the cafe but there are picnic tables just across the road which were all full.

We finished our walk by doing a circuit of Coppice Pond, hoping to see some damsel flies, but the only one I saw was in the field above the cricket ground, which was a very vibrant blue but very flighty. 
We saw ducklings and cygnets being fed and, even though it was difficult, I managed to count 7 heads which was a relief as there had been reports of there only being 6 over the weekend. Took some videos for Eda. The cygnets have really grown but the biggest surprise was the size of the goslings, even the smaller brood are now big and leggy. They are still holed up at the end of the pond away from the swan, accompanied by the ostracised juvenile swan from last year’s brood.

It clouded up a bit whilst we were out but the pond was beautifully calm, with no wind, creating great reflections.

Happy birthday to son in law John today!

On a sadder note, very sorry to hear of Admirer’s passing yesterday 

Stay safe everyone 

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