By Bom

Belated Birthday Tea

This afternoon G and I went our for a belated afternoon tea for our birthdays at The Grove in Cromer, a gift from our great friend M. The photo is of their new Sundown Restaurant which opened a month ago serving pizza & tapas - it’s been very successful. We were in the hotel for our delicious afternoon tea - thanks M! Then we sat out in their grounds in the sun for an hour - a most civilised way to spend an afternoon. I’ve added an extra of a juvenile Robin on my fence. 

Day 464 / Day 38 of Step 3 of Roadmap Easing (for my record only)
At the briefing today the Vaccines Minister said that 3 in 5 adults have now had 2 doses and a third of 18-24 year olds have already had their first jab. He said that 2 weeks ago there were 2m over 50's needing a 2nd dose still, that's now dropped to 900k. He also said that the vaccine rollout has already saved 44,500 hospital admissions and 14,000 deaths - what an amazing achievement!  However, new cases are still rising due to the Delta variant, with 16,135 new cases today. A new variant has been identified in India, 'Delta plus', which is thought to be even more transmissible and has other worrying features - 41 cases have been identified in the UK and enhanced contract tracing has been introduced. A report from Imperial College estimates that 23,000 lives could have been saved in England if the first lockdown had been introduced a week earlier. A trial is being undertaken in the NE of a machine that can detect COVID-19 particles in the air, which if successful could act as an early warning. Unbelievably football officials and VIP fans will be able to attend games at Wembley in the latter stages of the contest without having to self-isolate or quarantine in a hotel - a terrible decision both for health reasons and for fairness and equality.  

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