By JeanSnaps

Northern marsh orchid.

A lovely still morning for photographing flowers and this new addition to the garden was in full bloom.  Just shows how much rain we've been having when a marsh orchid appears in my free draining sandy soil.  It's close to my two common spotted orchids which are still in bud and much taller this year with their spotted leaves alternating up the stems.  This is the third year of flowering for one and the second for the other.  Although lots of spotted orchids are pink mine were a rather deep pink but look as if they are perhaps going to be paler this year.  A rosette of leaves growing through the edging of the orchid area looked as if it might be another new one but it is beginning to look as if a weed is more likely.  Still giving it the benefit of the doubt.
A very ordinary Saturday with routine tasks.  Struggling with Word which I have forgotten how to use.  I expect it will become automatic and routine after a while but at the moment I'm tearing my hair out.  I want to do simple things but it seems designed for complexity.  Had to fork out too for ink cartridges so feeling poor.  The good news was that bird seed was delivered just in the nick of time.  The laugh was that I faffed around for ages this morning on the computer and, as a result, opened the door to the Hermes delivery man in my nighty.  Made us both laugh.

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