By Teasel


My day started with a run  – just over five miles.  It was another grey day and not overly warm.  Good for running of course, but I was worried that the heavens would open and I would get another soaking.  I had time for a few chores before popping out to collect lunch. Lunch was devoured and then BB and I headed off to meet up with some friends for a beach/woods walk. 
We had a lovely walk that ended with cakes and hot chocolates, a good way to start the summer holidays.  School is out for summer now – we’ve got a whole seven and a half weeks of teenage attitude in front of us!!  We all need a break, but seven and a half weeks seems a bit excessive, especially to have a teenage boy moping around the house.
Later I went out with a couple of friends, we went out for dinner.  I wore a dress and make up for probably the first time since before the first lockdown last year.  It was a lovely evening – good food, good company and it all felt very safe.  I had had some anxiety about it earlier in the week as we are currently in the Covid capital of Scotland – 480 cases per 100,000.  Just a couple of weeks ago we were down near the bottom of the league table.  However, we were very socially distanced in the restaurant and it all seemed very well organised.  We were last to leave!
When I got home there was a hedgehog snuffling around in the front garden.  Eating slugs I hope.
The teens were photobombed by Miss J!

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