By dunkyc


We still talk about a boot sale we went to about a year ago, when Grandad was left to escort Matty for a little while and returned with a small toy pug teddy, which was clad in a bright red pvc body warmer and wearing roller skates.

 It was a low point for all of us and he’s been in disgrace ever since. That is until today when at the local boot sale at the school, he pulled an absolute blinder and found someone selling some cricket whites. He took a punt for a fiver and whilst they are just a tad on the big side, m’boy can wear them now and my mum is going to adjust the trouser length for him. To say m’boy was chuffed would be an understatement and he only took them off at dinner time as he didn’t want to drip any lasagne on himself.

Cricket has been on the agenda a few times today because his cricket match was cancelled, but he was invited to join the older children in the nets, so EW2 took him down and sent me a photo of him in full helmet, pad and gloves. He loved it and was able to get some hits off the bowling machine.

We also had a trip to the playground this afternoon, but the children were a little tetchy, which I put down to tiredness, so we crashed out and watched Luca on Disney+ which was OK, but not my personal favourite. 

It was a nice end to the day though with my parents joining us for tea once more, which meant that mum tidied up some of the pots for me in the yarden and also kindly pointed out which were weeds and which were not - I quite like a couple of the weeds and so have left them in situ.

It’s been a rather lovely weekend, but I’m not blue about it being over as I know that an equally lovely week awaits.

Hope you’ve all had a good one too! 

P.S. Thanks for your kind comments on the photo of the wee ones yesterday.

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