By dunkyc


After a really lovely weekend away, it was time for the inevitable and we (me) packed our belongings into the car early doors to get ahead of the morning rush get away.

However, we couldn’t go without one last swim and a session on the rapids, so headed into the pool. I think after yesterday’s evening session we were all bit sensitive to being thrown around this morning and felt each bash and collision with the walls that bit more!

We did get a little time with the niece and nephew though with the latter almost falling asleep in The Eldest’s arms as she cradled him poolside. The niece was off in her own little world and spinning around in her rubber ring.

The journey home was a lot quicker and having deposited The Eldest back at her mum’s, the wee ones and I arrived home and began unpacking before their mother collected them. I was left with a pile of washing, so went for a run instead and managed to knock a whole minute off my previous time!

There was a lovely little welcome back to reality though when a post on the gable end of my house fell off and onto my company car, leaving a nice dent and a splash of green. I’m glad that it hit the metal and not any of us!

What is life without balance?

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