Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Early Entertainment

Might we be hard up for entertainment these hot days?   This morning I spent about 1/2 hour outside around 9 before it got too hot, watching this crane lift this grand piano into the second floor of the newest condo neighbor.   There must have been 10 piano guys!  (6 are visible!)   When these neighbors moved in, it went to the 1st floor but he had to get permits to block the street for the crane to lift it to the 2nd floor thru the small balcony.  It’s a Steinway player piano with 10,000 pieces!! !  The woman 2 doors to the right in the window took this amusing photo of us watching (extra) ….it was a bit of a condo gathering!….Later I had a little walk in the garage.  But everyone is inside with their air conditioning.
Other Extra :Mike brought me some greens from her garden she'd just been watering. This is the neighbor’s yard next door, in the shade..I happen to like these dandelions. :-)

More records from this unprecedented heat wave…. 3 days in a row of over 100.    108 in Seattle and 113 in Portland.   It goes north to British Columbia too so I”m sure it’s unusually hot at the cabin.  Cooler tomorrow... 90s.

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