By Dakers

The Repair Shop

Is the title of a television series on BBC which features craftsmanship from several disciplines being employed to restore cherished family heirlooms.

Today’s Blipfoto features the beginning of a repair to a chair, probably made Whitock and Reid about 1900. It is one of a pair we purchased about two years ago.

The chair shown suffered some damage in the area of the thumbnail. The cause of the damage was either heat or sunlight which had cracked and loosened the lacquer and the undercoating.

Rather than have the chair repaired the previous owner had covered the area with gold paint obliterating part of the original Japanese scene.

Pat has started the first stage of repair which involved carefully removing the gold paint to reveal the original scene.

The solvent used requires a well ventilated space. What better than outside in the fresh air.

The next stage is to fix the loose areas of lacquer and then make good the damage.

I think Jay Blades who hosts The Repair Shop would be impressed.

During the time Pat was working on the chair  I was taking the lawnmower for a walk and tidying up the garden. The plan is to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday in the garden.

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