The Next Chapter!

By carol_dunham


…………..or not, as the case may be! Four times in the last week no less…thank goodness the parcel isn’t perishable goods. 

I tried to contact them this morning (having had a web chat earlier this week)…the customer helpline is manned by a robot, she can helpfully send you a text containing a link to your tracking information ie back to square one! The message about the operators all being busy has been there all week so I’ve no idea who/what I could get in contact with if they weren’t all busy. After exhausting all other options I resorted to web chat again and was able to leave directions for the driver…though whether he gets them or follows them I won’t find out until Monday! That was an hour I won’t get back!

Silly Saturday did start early with a phone call from MC who was stuck in Edinburgh (decidedly drunk) having missed the last train home and could someone pick him up! He arrived here about 1am by taxi to sleep things off on a sofa and get a lift home when eldest went to work this morning.

Extra…shaken not stirred! Bath for one, showers for everyone else.

Thanks to davidc  for hosting Silly Saturday in memory of admirer.

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