Sun Up

A PJ day largely filled with coughing, sneezing and napping! Did manage to book a couple of independent tours for mine and L’s upcoming cruise but for some reason I couldn’t book the one we wanted via the cruise operator.

My blip was in the bag very early this morning when the effects of the drugs I’d taken at bedtime wore off…had I been feeling better I might have taken a walk along the beach to watch the sunrise, as it was I stuck my head out the balcony door then headed straight back to bed! Whether I manage to stay up until sundown will be another matter.

The rest of the day had been mostly grey but I think it’s been dry. Apologies for being so behind with commenting atm, I’ve caught up with a few but I’m struggling to concentrate. I forgot to say earlier this week that Tuesdays object was a necklace charm.

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