Rain guard

After breakfast we walked to the supermarket. We went via one of the local community gardens my wife has been helping with. Overnight we had plenty of rain and the water had deformed te rain guards over the tomato plants and formed large ponds to form in the plastic. As we were passing and more rain was forecast (and did actually happen), I said we should empty the ponds and try to patch up the arrangement. A second section of roofing had a chicken wire frame (pictured here) and hadn't deformed and was working okay.

In the afternoon I slept through the Tour on TV - I think I needed the sleep as I do actually like watching the Tour. The carpenter arrived and worked most of the afternoon doing things in the extension.

In the evening we watched several episodes of a bonkers east European crime thriller set in Warsaw, Prague and Odessa: The Pleasure Principle... At the same time a bunch of blokes kicking a bag of air around did rather well and big windbag in Downing Street will be taking all the credit...

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