Rotten I-beam

We had two sections of I beam steel at the end of the garden. One end of each came out of the wall and the other end went into a concrete foundation in the ground.It was all very deliberate, the sections coming out of the wall were about 20 cm apart and about 50 cm long, then there was a knee, and each had a leg going into the foundation about 75 cm long. I think it created a stand to put something on, but whatever it was it has long since gone.

A neighbour lent us an angle grinder and a couple of steel cutting discs. The steel on the flat sections was pretty rotten and mostly rusted away, so we thought it would be a doddle to cut through - how wrong we were. As you can see here, while there was plenty of surface rusting and it really had completely rusted to nothing in some places, the core of the I beam was fully solid, a good 4-5 mm thick of sold steel, plus the awkward location in the garden, and the shape of the beams made it a royal pain...

For this last piece, I had to cut it twice so I could get access, and then once that was done I was able to cut through most of it here, and the last bit I couldn't reach, so I just used a long lever and bent it a few times until it snapped - that's the rough section on the bottom left.

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