Langdale Day 4

And so we packed up, having had heavy rain in the night and again this morning. It's been great but I'll be glad to be home, it's not much fun feeling poorly in a tent and in someone else's campervan. I suppose this is how it'll go at the moment, hugging grandchildren and gaining germs. We've been protected by social distancing for too long and have to prime our immune systems afresh.

I leave you with a photo of Middlefell Buttress from the campsite, before the cloud covered it. The route Fi and I climbed on friday goes up the lefthand one of the two central prominent domes of rock - fabulous fun!

An uneventful journey home with a very nice Cornish pasty from a van at the Services. I hope Fi doesn't get my cold, I'd offered to wear a mask but she told me not to be silly, she didn't mind.

Extra: campsite

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