A not doing much day, I just didn't feel like it with a runny nose, hacking cough and a possible temperature... I'm feeling a bit out of it. The last time I was ill was in January 2015! I'm sure it's the double dose of my grandsons' colds and not covid as I'm being tested every week at the moment as part of the Covid Infection Survey, so it seems unlikely, and I'm due another test tomorrow. 

I managed to put away the last of the camping stuff, pick some raspberries and broad beans and put together the last two dining chairs. It took me all day though, with resting inbetween.

There's climbing proposed on Friday and Sunday, but I don't know if I'll be capable at this point. Fingers crossed!

Re the photo I assume the fungi has appeared due to me having the willow tree taken out a year ago, the roots run underneath the lawn.

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