The woodpecker was on next door's feeder for quite a while, but he wouldn't let the sparrows get a look in.

I had a phone consultation with my doctor, which resulted in me having to go to the Urgent Treatment Centre in town to have my chest listened to. He's prescribed antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler... goodness I can't remember when I last had any medicines. Then of course I had to have a covid test and I now realise that I don't shove the stick anywhere near far enough up my nose when I do it myself!

The doctor told me I had to isolate until the result came through, which meant I asked my son to collect my prescriptions and get some shopping for me. I don't see how I can possibly have covid, having got back from my daughter's - all of her family had a negative test result - and then only saw mountaineering club members. But it doesn't matter as I'm not going anywhere anyway, but hopefully the test result won't take too long.

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