By Ingleman


Nice day in the garden, Mrs I  is back from her weekend away and we worked hard to clear an area of the garden which had become overrun with a shrub called Mahonia. Nice in the right place, but we have got fed up with it and have cleared a significant area which will now be a blank canvas for more attractive planting and landscaping. We worked well as a team and are both knackered but happy. I was washing my hands in the kitchen when I had a fit of coughing. Mrs I (rather wistfully I thought) asked if I was on the way out. Of course not I said, I've only just come in.

In my break time I got the camera and took some shots of this gorgeous Dianthus plant which is a spectacular little pot plant with vibrant colours and delicate detail. I usually go for maximum definition but today I went the other way and with a wide aperture got some nice soft almost abstract close ups.

1 x extra is another shot of the Dianthus and the other extra is another wee beastie lurking inside a Mock Orange flower.

Shame about Emma Raducanu, sad but she will have her day in the not too distant future.

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