Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


There isn't much to say about today (thankfully!) :))

It's been a day at home which has been GREAT after the last few days. We pottered around doing stuff. G spent most of the day in her room working on a new project! I tried to work on a new module to caption but had to stop before I even started.

My blip is of the view from my bedroom window just before sunset. I still can't believe how much the tree has been cut back! G has loaned me her thicker curtains for the summer, so they finally got hung today.

I spent some time in the evening trying to find a way to watch tonight's Italy-Spain semi-final match at home. I finally activated a VPN that came with an Internet Security subscription. I couldn't get iPlayer going, but may just have found a live stream channel on YouTube. Don't know why I didn't think of looking there before. The drinks are much cheaper in this place, and I don't have to do any passive smoking! ;)

Oh, just gone past kick-off time and nothing happened. Grrr.

PS. Our Life Group got cancelled tonight on account of one of the members passing away due to COVID.

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