Wendy's World

By Wendles56

The Bunting's Up!

Several neighbours on the street are putting out scarecrows in the morning so there have been messages flying back and forth on our WhatsApp group.  J posted at teatime a photo of a bag of straw, which was as far as she had got.....S was worrying that her legs wouldn't arrive in time.....I needed stronger glue and a glue gun promptly arrived at the back door....we are all wondering if Grumpy Dave the Postman will mind being a scarecrow (he's quite a softie really).....there was a problem with nitrile gloves versus chicken wire..... Superman was also missing his arms and legs for most of the day.  I'm sure all will be right by 10am tomorrow morning when the Festival officially begins.  Just need those showers to stay away now....

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