Henley Street

We had a nice family zoom chat this morning, mainly around football and England's chances against Italy.  The other big event today of course is the Men's Wimbledon Final, we've just settled down to watch that, hopefully it will be over by kick-off time.  GB is also represented in the tennis finals with Salisbury and Dart in the mixed doubles final following the main match.

After lunch we popped into Stratford for a coffee at Box Brownie on Henley Street.  The street is getting busier these days though still without the foreign tourists, but plenty to watch as we sit at a pavement table drinking our coffee.

As we sat there I heard music slowly increasing in volume, then I saw a small group of musicians and singers walking up the street (for those who don't know Stratford,  Henley Street is fully pedestrianised).  They appeared to be of a Hare Krishna type sect, not at all unpleasant to listen to, in fact some lads they met on the street joined in and they all had a good time.  Eventually they started back along the way they'd come, the lads gave them a cheery goodbye and we set off home.

In other news: we heard today that Baby Boy was to be named Rafferty.  We are looking forward to tomorrow when we get to see mum, dad and Raffy face-to-face in Worcester.

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