By strawhouse

End of an Era

When we first moved into Buckinghamshire  over ten years ago (with a view to the two year old and six month old Little Misses going to the grammar school in the unimaginably far off future!) Mr K saw an advert for an open day at Akeley Wood Nursery and Junior School and said we should go and look round.
I wasn't that keen. I hadn't considered private school for the Little Misses and didn't want them to be the poor kids at the posh school. Trying to keep up with Tarquin and Ophelia with their ponies, private yachts and helicopters.
But I thought we could at least go and look at the nursery and pre-school.
As we turned left into the drive and saw the beautiful building and grounds I turned to Mr K and said "How bad do you think it's going to have be for us not to send them here?!!"
And we did. And it's been a very special place.
And not a yacht or helicopter in sight! 
Miss E went into the pre-school - Butterflies -  in 2011 and Reception in 2012. Miss L went into the nursery in January 2012, to Butterflies in 2013 (in her older sister's too big uniform!!) and then into Reception in 2014.
The fact I can look at these pictures and read about their days over a decade later is what keeps me Blipping however far behind I get!
It went a bit wrong for Miss E in Year 3 and we moved her to another school but Miss L has loved it.  She's made lovely friends, been so happy, done well and grown from the tiny little girl (in the giant uniform!!) into the beautiful, kind, thoughtful, funny girl that she is today.
I've been getting more and more aware for the last few weeks that the end is coming. Ten years of driving there along country lanes, watching the seasons change, watching the sheep get pregnant, the lambs appearing and then disappearing, the crops planted, growing and being harvested. Hundreds of my Blips have been taken on those journeys.
It never felt like it would end but today it did.
Mr K came with us for the last drop off. As soon as we turned out of our road and Miss L put her music on at top blast the tears started pouring down my face. I didn't try and stop them, that just makes it worse!
As we turned into the drive - for the last time - I couldn't hold it in any more and started sobbing. I was worried I might upset Miss L but she just looked at me ever so slightly condescendingly and patted my arm sympathetically.
Once we'd parked she skipped off happily with her friend. 
I had to go into the office to pick up the Piriton I took in for Miss L the other day. I was thankful for my mask as I looked like a red-eyed, blotchy, snotty mess!!
I couldn't speak to the lovely Mrs A when I got in. She was so kind! I had a last look round, not quite believing I'll never set foot in there again, and then it was back to the car. And to sob all the way home!!
And to hang around aimlessly before it was time to go and get her at noon.
Bizarrely I was fine going to get her. It was like I'd got it all out this morning!! Mr K came too and endured Miss L and I singing at the tops of our voices all the way home.
And just like that primary school is over. 
The school run won't punctuate my day any more. I feel a little bit redundant.
Miss L's friend Miss A came over tonight for a sleepover. They are out in the tent in the garden as I type! Whether they'll last the night remains to be seen.
MIss E had a film night at school tonight. So far pick up time has changed from 7.30pm from school, to 8pm from her friend's house, to 9pm, to "I'll text you when I'm ready"
Perhaps I'm not redundant after all!

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