Still Rockin'

By RockArea

The Dart at Holne Bridge

Marian was out for lunch with friends. They were trying out The Ivy, which is fairly new to Exeter. I went out to Dartmoor with a location in mind but as I drove over Holne Bridge I thought that might be a good place to be this afternoon.The bank here is in the Holne Estate and they have a good looking wooden fence along the road. A quick clamber over the fence gives access to a path along the bank. It's a lovely rocky bank but very mossy so needs a bit of care.

I took some pictures along the bank and was sitting on the bank enjoying the atmosphere when a large splash told me that someone was tombstoning from the bridge parapet. I ignored it at watched a dipper fly upstream to a point just too far off to watch. When I heard that big splash again I thought maybe I'll get the next one on camera. I wound up the ISO, set a fast burst and waited to see him appear on the parapet. He never did. Maybe he's floating down the river, face down with a fractured spine. Ah well, I always seem to think of these things too late.

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