This is the very last of my gladioli. This year has not been particularly good for them. One; I think these are coming to the end of their life expectancy. They were the first thing I ever planted in this garden about 20 years ago! Two; the few that are left keep getting beaten by the thunderstorms and end up broken.

Today has been a real hodgepodge of things including watching the movie “Tricky Dicky & the Man in Black” It’s a documentary about Johnny Cash and how Richard Nixon’s actions changed Johnny’s willingness to publicly take a political stand.

At the beginning of the movie you hear the audio of Johnny talking to his audience and saying - I thank God for all the freedoms we’ve got in this country, I cherish them. Even the right to burn the flag. You know, I’m proud of those rights. We’ve also got — Let me tell you something. Shhh. We’ve also got the right to bear arms and if you burn my flag I’ll shoot you.

This hit a spot with me. You have your rights but I have mine too. Voice yours but don’t force yours upon me or I might use my rights. We all have many differences but no one group deserves to take presidence before/above another. The sooner we all learn to listen to one another and sometimes just agree to disagree, the better this world will be

Take care of yourself and each other xx

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