By Marionb

Lean On Me...

... When You're Not Strong

It has been a VERY hot day and of course, my AC is not working. It flooded the laundry room yesterday, so I had to turn it off. Repairman came late today and diagnosed a broken pump which, of course, has to be ordered...No matter..I have it back on now anyway - am doing the bucket thing instead of the pump thing - anything to get the house cooled down. Now the big challenge is to remember to empty the bucket... 

Anyway, it is HOT. Too hot for me. I just didn't feel like going out anywhere, so I slipped out to the garden to see if anything new had popped up to serve as a blip..NOT!  All the flowers were looking downtrodden and as wilted as I was!  The heat had far outweighed the benefit of all that rain we got yesterday. None looked bright and perky enough for a blip photo.. Here was a coneflower leaning over onto a lily.. What's with that? Over there, a cosmos flower had flopped over and was leaning on the daisies! And  over by the birdbath, two hosta stalks were being held up by a coneflower! It was like they were saying to each other  "Hey, I'm dying here, can you help me out?"   

I could see a theme emerging..hmmm..OK I know it's a bit weird, but I do like themes and all I could think of was that song...and I desperately needed a blip... The only other thing to write about today would have been my haircut  - which to me was AMAZINGLY exciting as it has been eons since I have been to a hairdresser! But...what could I say? Got my hair cut. It is shorter. The end. Leaning flowers seemed much more interesting...or not....but they were the  best I could come up with...and now I have to go out and water the poor things...lend them a hand so to speak..



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