By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 196: weathered lines

A hasty walk round the garden in search of lines for Abstract Thursday gave me a few options, most involving wood in some form. This one is probably the most interesting as it combines the weathered lines of the cracked wood stain with the horizontal and vertical planks, and should probably be tagged for derelict Sunday too - my flower photos tend to focus only on selected garden weeds with artfully blurred backgrounds, but the abstract ones too frequently reveal the decrepitude of my messy surroundings.

I had an unusually sociable morning, seeing neighbours in their gardens - dropped off rhubarb along the road, picked up spare melon and cucamelon plants from neighbours opposite and was given beetroot and cucumbers, then went to pick lovage and parsley from C's garden before he removes all the excess self-seeded plants. Later, I picked more strawberries and blackcurrants too, so I have lots of things to sort out and use.

This evening I've had a text from J's PA to say she's been notified that her young daughter has to self-isolate till next Friday - her teacher has tested positive. They broke up from school yesterday, and I breathed a premature sigh of relief that both her children had made it till the end of term without being sent home, when so many classes have been told to self-isolate. In principle she could still come to work, but we are being very cautious so probably won't risk it, and of course her childcare arrangements can't continue as planned. J is not best pleased to have me back supporting her at tomorrow's online workshop; I'm always pleased to know that she really likes having her PAs supporting her, and M will join her online although I will still be needed for hand holding and other practical help. 

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