Old laptop

Backblip. Jill is moving offices on campus, and I helped. She's moving from the first floor to the third, so we were there to pack up her books and a few other things. I did the moving to the new office and unpacked as many books as I could fit on the smaller shelves.

In the office was this laptop that is from at least 1994. It has a Windows '95 sticker on it. Look how thick it is. I don't think I'd ever seen one this big. I think the earliest I saw a laptop was 1998 or 1999, when I was in high school.

In good news, my computer is repaired and I have it back! Yay! Now the painstaking process of reinstalling everything. The problem was a driver problem. It somehow apparently cause the computer to restart during an operating system update, which corrupted it. But now it's working again. What a relief.

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