An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Remember this view...

Backblipped 18.07.21

Apologies for the shocking quality of my blip pic.  It was taken on my phone through a window so reflections abound and composition is out the window (hahaha...pun not intended!) as I was trying to avoid getting the curtain in the shot!

Despite all of the above, and having an alternative blip available, I have chosen to go with this as it records my first visit back to our local golf club since before this pandemic, for lunch with Ele and Kenny before D&K headed out for a round of golf.

I have blipped this view so many times as Ele and I have sat there drinking coffee, waiting to watch the guys head up the first fairway, but I've never appreciated it as much as I did today.  All these post covid firsts are very sweet indeed.

I had big adventure getting there as I got there under my own steam in Buzz.  Not too long a journey but with some jeopardy as the dropped kerb on the side of the road I was on doesn't line up with the road into the golf club.  This means there is a short stretch where I have to be on the road facing oncoming traffic!  Also the road goes over a hill so cars aren't visible until they appear over the top!  It's quite scary a thrill when I am trundling along at a max speed of 4mph and a car appears heading towards me at 30mph!  Thankfully I got there and back without incident!

Ele and I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden with a jug of Pimms.  Perfect in the heat.  

D & K returned from the golf just after 5.30pm, David in a very good mood having won.  Kenny not so much, especially as he was playing with his new set of clubs! :-)

Dinner in the garden where we sat until the sun went down.  

So good to know that even after the last few lovely days, we still have a run of good weather to come.

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