Fawn in the Meadow

After we got home from running a few errands, I stepped into our backyard in the early afternoon, just before 1 pm. And there stood a lovely fawn! I had my camera in my hands and I was able to nab a few pictures. It walked through the meadow nibbling on this and that.

A bit later, we were indoors and my husband called me to the front window. There was the fawn again, walking around, drinking from one of our watering stations, eating green stuff from Barb's butterfly garden. "It acts like it owns the place!" my husband said.

But wait! A second fawn appeared, a bit smaller than this one. She also drank from a watering station; grazed on greenery. My husband's theory was that this one in the photo is the brother, slightly bigger; and the smaller one is the sister. I am sorry I did not get a shot of both of them together, but clearly they are TWINS!!!  :-)

Let's let the song be something by or about twins. So here are the Thompson Twins, with Hold Me Now.

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