Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Steve is a neighbour who, during lockdown, has started a business making and delivering ice cream. Each week he puts out a message on the community WhatsApp group with a choice of two ice creams and one sorbet. Here he is delivering my order - this week vanilla and orange and cherry with flaked chocolate ice creams. I sometimes buy sorbet because Steve makes very good sorbet but honestly when it comes to ice cream you really want ice cream. I've never understood when people say they could eat a tub of ice cream in one sitting but now I do. Not that I ever have but I understand the urge.

This is a really positive lockdown development. Ice cream made and delivered (the bike and the refrigerated backpack) locally. The logo, Milk and Honey, was designed by another neighbour, a young woman still at high school. A very fortunate business to have in the neighbourhood.

This is the weather for ice cream. The cloud evident in this blip is breaking up and the temperature is climbing.

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