Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

I Can See Clearly Now??

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I’m so glad it’s been rain…every day. But if there’s one thing I don’t appreciate is getting caught up in a sudden monsoon storm when I am on the highway.

I had a morning appointment with my ankle doctor to go over my MRI. After telling her several times that I didn’t understand what she was talking about, I was told to Google it and she left. (As if I didn’t Google the stuff a month ago when I got the results from the portal!) Second opinion already being arranged.

I had a few hours to kill before my next appointment, this one with my neurologist at 2:30. By the time I left him and was only about 20 miles from home, it began. First, the wind. Dust and debris started blowing across the freeway, which passes through open desert. Then POW! Dang deluge. I couldn’t see a thing and I began to hydroplane, even going as slow as 45 mph (speed limit is 75). I pulled off the road as far as I could to wait it out. I put in an extra taken from my side window hoping that you could see how much the wind was affecting the trees.

By the time I was about a mile from the first Green Valley exit, the pavement was bone dry. From now on, no late afternoon appointments in Tucson during monsoon.

I have looked through some of the MM. entries and will post results on Saturday or early Sunday. Enjoy the Olympics!

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