By fotoday

a day with dolphins :-)

We started the day on a 2 hour boat trip from Rock. Instructions had asked that you were there 30 minutes early to prepare with briefing and life jackets etc, but a family arrived late for the leaving time, in my view we should have gone and left them. Whilst waiting we had a call from another trip boat that they were with a pod of dolphins which only added to the annoyed glare given to the late arrivals who didn’t have a rush in them and seemed oblivious to the fact that 6 had been waiting for 40 minutes and we were losing time off our 2 hour slot. It was soon all forgotten as we sped out of Camel estuary as quickly as possible to catch up with the dolphins that happened to be off the coast in front of our holiday let. It was hard to count just how many dolphins were in the pod as they kept popping up in different places but there were at least 6 plus a couple of youngsters. Getting a decent photo whilst enjoying the moment proved to difficult but I did get a little phone video that I posted on Instagram.
We left the dolphins to explore the Ports of Quin and Isaac and get educated with some facts and figures. I’d have loved to stay with the dolphins but at one stage there were 3 boats there and they are careful not to disturb the dolphins too much, even though they seemed to be enjoying swimming alongside the bow.
As we left the boat by 11am our plan was to drive down to the Cape Cornwall area and spend the afternoon and evening there returning after sunset. That plan didn’t work because we hit an enormous traffic jam on the A30 around Redruth and decided to just turn around. We had lost track of days, of course Saturday was peak changeover day and a stupid day to plan our longest trip. On the way back we stopped for a lovely lunch at a newish looking mini outlet that also had some nice little shops. IMO the best shop was a strange one that actually sold vintage cars, bikes and random garage paraphernalia. A phone shot in extra gives an impression along with a wonderful notice that said “for £5 extra we can give you a receipt that matches what you told your spouse you paid”. Back home a stroll up the hill to the pop up café and the other blip in extra, a view over the cereal field back to the sea and holiday let.

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