By fotoday

too hot to hike

By now the refreshing breeze that had cooled us earlier in the week had disappeared and it was hot!! Too hot to hike, too hot to sit on a beach or headland and definitely too hot to be in the villages that were rammed with people. We didn’t actually know what to do with ourselves. Then a lightbulb moment the coolest place would be on the sea and we had had such a nice boat trip earlier in the week I managed to get a cancellation with a different boat company leaving from Padstow and ran a 3 hour trip. It fit the bill perfectly for the day.
We got to Padstow early before all the people and the main blip shows just how calm the harbour was. We enjoyed being on the sea again which was no longer described as flat but was now officially glass like. The wildlife spotting was beyond expectation although all a bit distant for the camera. Lots of the usual sea birds although the last puffins had left Mouls island. But 4 different cetaceans more than made up for no puffins; Bottlenose Dolphins, the more elusive Risso’s Dolphins, porpoises and even a Minke whale which I have blipped in extras with our holiday let in the background- how cool is that as a holiday snap !

We ate out for our last evening, at the Old School House in Port Isaac, the one that Doc Martins wife works in apparently. We ate in the school hall, it was a decent enough meal but slow service and uncomfortably humid rather took the edge of it. No blame on the waiting staff, they were understaffed and working in that heat they deserved a decent tip.  

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