Ruby-throated Hummingbird ....

... female.

We got out early for our walk this morning so as to beat the heat.  High temps were in the forecast but when we were out it wasn't all that bad. I only started to break a sweat as we were returning to the car.

We started at Jacobsburg State park to check for hummingbirds and/or frogs.  As we arrived at the frog pond there was another photographer there. He quietly pointed out the lovely green heron in the second extra. R and I spent some time there photographing him/her as we have never seen a green heron at this park.  I'm only guessing but this might be a juvenile ... based on the chest striping. 

We didn't see any hummingbirds so we drove to the Sobers Run trail parking area.  We had a really lovely walk but didn't see much wildlife. 

We made a few stops on the way home but arrived back home for lunch. After lunch I went out to the pool ... with camera in tow.  We have been seeing the hummingbirds more often for the past few days and I was hoping to get some photos of one on the cardinal flower.  And much to my surprise and delight this beautiful female made my wish come true. This appears to be a different hummingbird than the one on Monday.  How exciting to see more than one hummer!  I couldn't be happier!

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