Eleven ...

... years worth of blips!  Wow! (Not all consecutive as I missed some in the beginning.  But my last missed blip was December 20, 2012!)

Since I just had a special blipday 15 days ago I won't gush on and on about how I feel about this wonderful community.  You should all know by now that I love you all!  

Today at the Lehigh Valley Zoo they had an ice cream social just for my special blipday members.  And since we are members we attended and had a great day.  I had a vision in my mind for my post today but I just couldn't get it to work out.  I've hidden the number 11 somewhere in the picture ... can you see it? 

Thank you all so much for making this community a special place.  And thanks to the Fab Four who keep it running.  

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