By JeanSnaps

Here's looking at you kid.

Oh, the things I was going to do today, but.  There's always a but.  Lazed around all morning. Tidied up my eyebrows. Ironed... ironed (!) trousers and went off to meet Margaret and Linda for lunch at Coulston's in Kinross with my camera.   I was NOT going to photograph flowers in the garden or anywhere else.
The three of us sat gabbing for ages and had a lovely time.  Margaret had really enjoyed her garden and castles break in Aberdeenshire.  LInda had been in London and Aviemore and is now a granny.  Photos of the new addition with two very happy looking parents.
We've arranged to meet again at the end of August at the Silver Sands in Aberdour.  Hopefully I shall have done something more exciting than fork out for car repairs by then.
Photographed a splendid tree in Coulston's car park but it really needs a wide angle lens.  Went to Loch Leven's Larder and bought two vegetarian meals plus two cakes and mini garlic and parsley bread sticks which I love.  Stopped at Strathmiglo to photograph rosebay willowherb which is out everywhere just now then came home.  Looked for bees and butterflies in the garden and found this poppy.   By tomorrow it will be gone.  The rosebay willowherb and the tree will still be there so what could I do ?  Not that many poppies came up and I particularly like the Shirley ones.  Must buy loads of seeds next year and scatter it far and wide.  Now going to eat mini breadsticks and wait for the promised thunderstorms which still haven't arrived.  Their rating has gone up to amber.  I wonder if they are going to reach red.

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