By Stella2

The dragonfly and the newt

The weather forecast was for another variable day ie sun, clouds and showers but as it was looking dry I decided to head for Bystock Pools first thing.  It was very quiet and I spent some time wandering around the area visiting the nearby small streams looking for butterflies and dragonflies.  I watched this Keeled Skimmer dragonfly for a long time as I tried to get photos.  At one point while I was shooting I saw a newt in the background and watched as it slowly walked past the dragonfly heading for the water.  The dragonfly didn't move at all.

I wandered around the area and into the meadow where there were several different butterflies including the Common Blue in extras and a 6 Spot Burnet moth.  An enjoyable morning and it didn't rain.  The heavy dried rain shower came much later in the day.

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