A sunny kind of intermittently blustery morning yesterday.
We went into Sutton Park where the grandchildren enjoyed throwing pebbles into Blackroot Pool, or sticks, as in our youngest granddaughter’s case, as she liked to watch them float, and hasn’t quite got the hang of throwing them yet!
There was a man fishing at the edge.
Toby, 5 asked him what he had in the tin, which was full of wriggly multicoloured maggots.
He told them that they were for the fish, and explained how he had a small catapult with a little net device attached which would shoot them out into the water where they scattered on to the surface, and attracted the fish.
A demonstration was then given to the fascinated onlookers.
He had some small fish in his net which was partially submerged in the water.
“Can we see them?” was the inevitable next question.
So the net was pulled up and the fish , small Perch, (on enquiring about what sort) were regarded.
“Are you going to put them back?” he was asked.
I think there was some relief at that response!
He had evidently caught a big fish which broke his line earlier and he was about to fix it as we met him.
We asked why the maggots were multicoloured and he replied that they were dyed after hatching. They can be bought in red, orange, yellow and bronze, as it makes them more attractive to the fish.
Toby was asked if he would like to hold some in his hand. There were no takers amongst any of us!
A very patient fisherman.
A very large tree stump ( from one which had been felled,) was nearby, and was commandeered by Toby and his big sister, who proceeded to make a “bed” in its middle where over time the wood had rotted away.Small pebbles, twigs and leaves were used to make it. This bed was for some imaginary creatures to be able to use.
Home for lunch then.
In the afternoon we all enjoyed the pottery painting. Photo in extras. Various stages of messiness and multicoloured paint covered hands were inevitable.
The people who run the small facility are so patient and used to it. There is a sink for hand washing.
The finished items will be fired and ready for collection next week.
We will have a trip to Bristol before the end of August to take the children and their mum their items.
Today they are going to have a look around the house they are buying.
They have only seen the inside on FaceTime so far, when their friend went round for them a few weeks ago.
And their dad returns today from his week up in Edinburgh meeting his new employers and generally introducing himself to other staff, landing this afternoon at Birmingham airport.
They are so looking forward to seeing him.
Having worked from home for 17 months they have missed him this week. He will still be working from home now, but with a few days each month on site.
As I’ve been awake early (5.00am), I have enjoyed the quiet and a mug of tea and a biscuit. I crept downstairs to make it negotiating all the creaky bits so I wouldn’t waken anyone. Then brought it back up to our room.
The family are now all up and I can hear them all talking to their dad on FaceTime about their day yesterday.
Soon be time for breakfast.

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