Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Wild leek

Allium ampeloprasum

Well that's what I'm thinking from looking at my field guide, but I've never seen one before.  It says, 'often near the sea - B (rare)', though as the book was published many years ago, that last may have changed.  Do any of you know it?

This means that with the three-cornered leek, the field garlic, plus the crow garlic (allium vineale) in Extras, I have four of the alliums in my journal this year. ( Also blipped were ramsons, but I never posted those.)  Quite pleased.

Anyway, yes this was by the sea as I saw it on the Lymington/Pennington marshes where I went for a walk this morning.  I didn't hang around on the Town Quay, always reckoning it's too full on the weekends, but although I certainly wasn't the only one walking, the further you go the less folks you see.  So very peaceful and miraculously I managed to avoid the rain.  Until I got home!

And a reminder to all interested in the Wild Flower challenge, as from today we're on to WildflowerWeek21_19 so please tag entries accordingly.

Thank you for all the love you gave my damselfly yesterday.  I intend to say that to you all individually, but I wanted to say here, as well, how very much I appreciate it.

Hope your weekend's been a good one and that the week starts well for you xx

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