Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad!

Two thirds of my kids, two thirds of my grandkids! H is too old and cool to want his Gran taking photos of him. Zeph is too old and cool to want to be part of the absolute chaos of three generational gatherings! This shot could be a lot better but wherever they stood at least one was under one of the spotlights in the kitchen ceiling!

We went over there later yesterday, as their day had been mostly taken up with sporting events. Ours too in a way as we listened to Wigan Warriors' game with Leigh who are languishing at the bottom of the table and have not won a match all season. We managed to put 50 points past them fortunately., and improve our dismal scoring rate quite a bit.

I'd also had to pop into town to collect my new glasses which are great and I can now see better! I'd called in a couple of shops quickly whilst I was in town, and caught the end of a set by a great, loud, raucous punk protest duo named Glitchers! They sounded more metal than punk to me, which is why they caught my attention.

Jeri had done a little belated birthday tea for Grace with some lovely baking and a good vegan selection. Her small local Asda does seem to have as good a Vegan offering as the Tesco Extra that we use.

We played board games most of the evening and it was, as I said, riotous and raucous!

We got home around ten - time for Bri to do what he needed to to be ready for work and us to catch up on the Rugby League from Sky earlier. It was quite amusing as Bri and I wanted different teams to win which is unusual. The team I was cheering won by one point!

Another back-blip! I will definitely be back later this time! I promise!

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