By MarilynParker

Looks nice but wasn't

Looks nice on the photo but you can't see all the dog poo. I had to tread very carefully but even so I managed to take a large blob of it home stuck in the treads of my shoe. Yuck. Took ages to clean.
Car was going for service today and was being collected. After 09:30 I thought I would ring them to see roughly what time they were picking it up as nobody had let me know.
I rang several times before I got an answer and was informed they would be picking it up any time between 9 and 11 am. I thanked the lady and she said she'd check which slot I had so she could tell me more accurately and even though I said it was fine as it was she put me on hold while she asked.
After a few minutes I was put through to the service department or desk and was told my car will not be collected as the driver is off sick. I wonder if they were going to tell me this?!
I only had it booked for collection due to the broken toe which I was unsure would be better at the time of booking it.
She offered an alternative on Friday the 13th and I am not superstitious but I wanted it done today. I told her my broken toe is better and I can drive now so I can bring it in so she said it was fine to do this.
When I got there the lady on reception had a pile of forms for cars due for service and she sifted through it a few times to find mine was not there and not on the list.
Anyway, she booked me in and I left. Bumped into my brother across the road and had a good chat. Had a mooch in town as just missed the bus home and as I went for the bus home my phone rang and it was to ask me did I want the engine flush and something else for £29.99 - no I didn't since the car has done less than 7,000 miles and less than 2,000 in the year I've had it. They sent me a video health check of the car which was fine.
Later on I got the bus to go and pick it up when they called to say it was ready. I was asked if I wanted the antibacterial spray added to my aircon - no thanks! She insisted on walking me to my car (God knows why as I had seen it parked up and I do know my own car ha ha) and told me that the usual valet which is included in my service plan had not been done as the valet man is on annual leave. She then said I would get a link to review the service and hopefully would give them 9 or 10. I should have laughed but I just smiled.
Any suggestions what I should score them?!!!!
On a brighter note, the rain that had been threatening all day never arrived and all the washing dried.

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