Rodents rule

By squirk


The garden is full of webs. I've taken to walking with a stick in front of me so I'm not inadvertently covered in spiders. This is the largest St Andrew's cross spider I've seen this year – the others so far have been babies. I think it's breakfast, lunch and dinner is a bee.

It was a lovely morning with cats on the bench cushions. I wasn't out much as I was a slave to the computer. Stuff got done.

At lunchtime, I ventured up to Crystal Palace to visit the big supermarket. On the way, I bumped into a neighbour in Norwood Park and enjoyed a blether.

Juno and Perch have been away from the house all afternoon and evening. Juno's still not returned. I think he might be hanging out at Perch's house or perhaps he didn't like the dinner I fed him.

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