By seizetheday

Beauty behind bars

Into Berwick this morning. After almost an hour in the dentist's chair, and still thoroughly numb on one side of my face, I had a little wander up the road whilst waiting for MrM to fetch me. Spotted this beautiful garden, or should I say gardens, beside a row of cottages behind the wrought-iron gate. MrM had taken a repaired mandolin back to its owner, and then gone to see a friend, and was a little late in meeting me!

Good to speak with Lucy on the phone this evening. She was 'pinged' on Monday, and is in self-isolation for another week. So far, so good, she has no Covid symptoms. Later, I put the second coat of gloss on the soon-to-be cupboard's window surround.

Unfortunately, it's back to the dentist tomorrow. When the numbness eventually wore off, it became apparent that a sharp ridge of white filling is digging into the side of my mouth when I talk or eat. Could be a useful aid in dieting, I suppose, but I'm grateful they had an appointment free to sort it out tomorrow, before the dentist goes on holiday for several weeks!

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