By seizetheday

Under the bridge

A day dominated by trips to the dentist.
MrM drove in to Berwick first thing for a tooth extraction. In the olden days, the dentist would have sorted out my tooth just before or after she'd seen MrM, but with the cleaning required between patients in Covid times it's not possible to slot 'quick fixes' into the schedule. My lunchtime appointment meant an hour each way on the bus for two minutes in the dentist's chair, with plenty of time to walk round the town walls beforehand, and a trip to the Green Shop for some essentials afterwards. After arriving in Berwick I sat by the quayside for a while to phone MrM and make sure he'd survived his ordeal, and watched the pleasure boat leaving for a trip up the Tweed. On its journey to the 'open countryside' of the Borders, it passes under Berwick's three bridges.

Mid-afternoon by the time I got home, just time to do a couple of hours' painting in the hall before a much-needed yoga session.

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