Playing with Snapseed

Today I've been playing - taking images of flowers in the garden, bringing them into Snapseed on my iPad, duplicating the image and then adding more editing actions along the way.  I've been using the WiFi facility on my camera to take the images from my camera.  Something I have done before when I was on holiday and forgot my lead, but not something I've done as standard practice in the past.  Thank you Glenys Garnett for your suggestion and also for penetrating the grey fog of my brain - it worked.

Talking about brains, mine wasn't functioning very well after lunch time and I needed to close my eyes for ten minutes, which helped a bit, but it was such a dark afternoon that when the sun started to glimmer I decided to take myself for a walk around Wortley Hall gardens, which did help.  At least I'm feeling better now than I did earlier, otherwise I wouldn't be sat here typing words.  Fortunately the rain stayed away and it's definitely been the best part of the day.

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