By dunkyc

Your move

Didn’t sleep great last night. Not sure why. Maybe I was excited about the children coming back round today?

I’d already booked us tickets to see Space Jam 2 in the afternoon, so with the weather being a little inclement, The Youngest did some crafting (amazing what she can do with a stick, colourful feathers and pipe cleaners) while m’boy played with his cars before coming downstairs for a few games of Uno, Yahtzee and chess.

Given that he’s only 8, I think he plays a pretty good game (or more like I’m useless at it) and we talked through about the object of the game and how to think a few moves ahead. We’ll see if he’s taken any of that in next time we play.

The film was OK, I was hoping for a little Looney Tunes magic, but it’s so hard to hear different voices coming out of Bugs, Daffy, Porky and Co. and you find yourself longing for Mel Blanc’s inimitable version. I do love how wrapped up in films m’boy gets and at a key moment in proceedings, he was quite literally sat on the edge of his seat before letting out a muffled shout of joy when things came good.

The Youngest is slightly different, majestically left it to the closing two minutes of the picture to announce she was busting for the toilet. Intentional or not, her comic timing is impeccable.

We had a Maccy’s for tea and (AT M’BOY’S REQUEST) watched the USA beat Australia in the women’s beach volleyball final.

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