I was tired from yesterday and didn't get up until eight thirty, which is unusual. Slow breakfast followed by some rehearsing for a couple of hours.

In the afternoon I looked at a flat on the mainland, in a village where I used to live when I first came to these parts of Sweden. Nice flat but it doesn't feel quite right to move back to a place I've already left. Besides, I want to stay on my island.

While in the village I visited my old friend Roland, who owns and runs Europes largest Dinosaur museum There isn't, as yet, a link in english but you can watch pictures and get a general idea of the exhibition area. 

I'm fascinated by his drive and energy to go through with an idea like this. He gets most of his items from China, one of the largest markets for this kind of thing, with huge finds of dinosaur skeletons and fossil, as well as an industry creating "live dinosaurs" created in full scale following up to date scientific research. Some of the models even has motors inside them, making them move realistically. The kids loves it! His museum spans from pre-dinosaur Orthoceratites, that formed the limestone island I'm living on, via a huge collection of full scale skeleton models of many dinosaur species(extra), through to the finishing collection of "live" dinosaur models with sound and light effects, placed in a somewhat original environment. I am impressed. If you are ever in Sweden, visit his museum, besides visiting me, of course,

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